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Goat Simulator: Play Flappy Goat

Everyone knows Flappy Bird, but do you know Flappy Goat. Behind this name hides a stupid mini game hidden in Goat Simulator. To find it, follow the directions below.

To be able to play Flappy Goat in Goat Simulator, go to Coffe Stain Studios and go up to the second floor. From there, enter the living room and approach the TV so you can play!

Written by Sly on 29/05/2015

Goat Simulator ios: Unlock all breeds of goats

In the ios version of Goat Simulator, you can unlock different breeds of goats by performing various actions in the game. Here you will find out how to get them all.

Anti-Gravity Goat: Go to the construction site and collect the portable hole located there. Then go in the direction of the green pipe which is near the railway and drop the portable hole there. Then go through the pipe to reach the anti-gravity laboratory. From there, cross the first room and then head towards the ventilator on the left. By crossing the tunnel above, you will get the anti-gravity goat.

Robotic goat: Move the robot from the blue connectors to the forest pentagram statues.

Rocket Skate Goat: Collect 30 golden goats.

Astronaut Goats: Collect 30 golden goats.

Tornado Goats: Collect the tornado sculpture and bring it to the Wind Altar.

Goat pulled: Push all the goats out of the ring into the fields.

Repulsive Goat: Enter the sewers near the bridge.

Goat Spider: Complete the "My Goat's Story" trophy.

Classy goat: Collect 10 golden goats.

Goat Queen: Sit at the stake located in the starting enclosure building.

Evil Goats: Leave 5 bodies on the forest pentagram.

Feathered goats: Collect 10 golden goats.

Big goat: Collect 5 golden goats.

Dead goat7: Unlock the "Lilly and the Bique" trophy.

Giant Goat: Collect 20 golden goats.

Hitchhiking Goat: Collect towel 42 near the swimming pool and bring it to the crashed UFO.

Written by Sly on 29/05/2015
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