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Our articles on Dauntless Dauntless: Quillshot Guide All you need to know about the Quillshot, the Porcupine Behemoth of Dauntless.

Neutral Behemoths are three in number, here we will give you more information about the Quillshot. Recoverable items, strengths, weaknesses, way to attack, you will know everything about this enemy.



The Quillshot feeds on raw aether which it then transforms into sharp thorns. This behemoth has the ability to project its spines over a very large area, leaving no chance for its enemies.

Leather Quillshot / Thorn Fragment Quillshot defense (head)
Vestigial spine (legs) Irregular caudal spine (tail)
Name Engime
Bonus cells Special effect
Quillshot Defense
/ +1 Acid  Defense
Quillshot Roar
/ +1 Acid  Engime
Raging Tooth
/ +1 Acid  Utility

Furies de Quillshot

/ +1 Acid  Technical
Quillshot Javelin
/ +1 Acid  Defense
Name Bonus Malus
resistance element
Bonus cells
Quillpiercer Mask / +1 Savagery  Defense
Quillperceur's vest +1 Savagery  Technical
Wrist of the Quillpiercer +1 Barbed Wire  Technical
Quillpiercer Boots +1 Resilience   Technical

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