Dauntless: Gnasher's Guide

Our articles on Dauntless Dauntless: Gnasher Guide All about the Gnasher, the rodent Behemoth.

Neutral Behemoths are three in number, here we will give you more information about the Gnasher. Recoverable items, strengths, weaknesses, way to attack, you will know everything about this enemy.



The Gnasher is the first Behemoth that slayers have to face. Although it seems rather weak compared to its congeners, it should not be underestimated. Its powerful tail and powerful incisors can prove deadly.

Add Gnasher Raging Tooth (Head)
Gnasher's shin plate (legs) Sharp slapper (tail)
Name Engime
Bonus cells Special effect
Raging Blade
/ +1 Ragehunter  Defense
Enraged Crusher
/ +1 Ragehunter  Engime
Raging Tooth
/ +1 Ragehunter  Utility

Rabid Bite

/ +1 Ragehunter  Technical
Enraged Cruelty
/ +1 Ragehunter  Defense
Name Bonus Malus
resistance element
Bonus cells
Chapka Gnasher / +1 Coagulate  Technical
Gnasher coat +1 Toughness  Mobility
Gnasher handle +1 Ragehunter  Mobility
Gnasher's Stride +1 Toughness   Mobility

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