Dauntless: Beginner's Guide

Our articles on Dauntless Dauntless: A Beginner's Guide Dauntless is available and this hunting game has deep-rooted mechanics. We are going to give you some tips to get your adventure off to a good start.

Dauntless is a game that puts you in the shoes of a Monster Hunter. Very Monster Hunter-like, this game created by Phoenix Labs (a studio founded by alumni of Blizzard, Bioware et Riot Games) has a huge array of weapons and we'll walk you through how to get started.

A tutorial that may block you


First thing to know when you start the tutorial, remember to cut the 4K, 1080p and 60 fps settings because the game will be stuck at 30 fps during this tutorial. Also, playing in fullscreen can bug the game, forcing you to start all over again, including the character creation part.

Good news for you, however, once this tutorial is finished, you can reset the settings according to your preference.

Successfully complete the tutorial


During the tutorial, you will need to take down your first named Behemoth Gnasher. It will not be very difficult to kill but it will take you about ten minutes to get there. In order to best prepare for this confrontation, remember to press TAB to see how to use your weapon combos.

Gnasher, a real dirty beast.

During your fight against this monster, regularly dodge in order to benefit from a slight invulnerability during this action. In addition, the Behemoths all have very specific attack patterns, study Gnasher's to eliminate it as easily as possible. If you were to fall low in hit points, use the (&) to drink a potion or approach it gray rift (a rift that will always be present during a confrontation with a Behemoth) and use the key (E) to escape.

Welcome to Ramsgate, the hub of Dauntless


Once you have successfully completed your first hunt, you will be transported to the town of Ramsgate which will be the main hub of the game. Once there, you will be able to open the Capsule that you obtained from the body of the downed Behemoth but before that you will have to complete your first quest which will lead you to meet the NPC the most important of this city.

Characters who will give you quests will be marked with a ? yellow above their head but also on your interface at the top of your screen as you can see.


Take as many quests as possible to make the most of your time in the hunting areas. Among its many quests, you will have to improve your first weapon, an important step to really start your adventure.

How to start your first hunt?

Dance Ramsgate, you find a pinboard with hunting quests. However, you can only track one filthy beast at a time. Once you have made your choice, you will automatically be put in a group with three other players in order to launch your hunt. To easily locate this panel, you will have a kind of icon of paw in yellow as you can see below.

The table of hunting requests and the famous icon to easily locate it.

The hunting area, a world full of resources


The world of Dauntless is dotted with different hunting areas. Within it, you can collect many resources, namely ore, skins about animals, plants, etc.

The collection will surely be the essential point in order to be able to better equip you
and succeed more easily in your hunts.

In addition and as you can imagine, it will also be within this one that you will have to find the monster to eliminate during your hunting quests.

To get there, nothing very complicated, but it will require you to play smart because you can't rely on a marker to find your target. To do this, rely on your senses (sounds and images) which will give you clues. Remember to separate with your teammates and communicate a lot in order to take stock of the possible hiding place of your prey. Also put yourself regularly in height to capture a maximum of information and who knows how to see your target in the distance.

Do daily quests


In Dauntless, you will have daily quests to complete. To consult them, nothing could be simpler, press J and you will have your quest log open. Within it, you will see the two daily quests to complete. Do them first because the rewards given are much higher than what you can collect from normal missions.

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