Dauntless: The Mastery System

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Throughout your progress in Dauntless, you will gain levels of mastery allowing you to obtain new rewards and to have an eye on your journey, as well as on the challenges completed.

In the mastery tab (N by default) you can find the various information about your character, such as his level and his weapon skills for example.

In red : Your character's level.

In purple: Behemoth's total mastery level. It groups the level of mastery of each Behemoth. If you select a weapon, the mastery level will be displayed instead. You will also see the reward you will earn when you level up.

In yellow : The different mastery tabs.

And translate: Goals. Completing objectives increases your overall Slayer level and the level of mastery tied to the objective. 

At the bottom right of the masteries interface, you can find the list of rewards you will earn during your progress.

Slayer's level

During your adventure and the various objectives you will complete, you will gain Slayer levels, that is, levels for your character. The max level is level 50, and once reached you will receive the title of Master Slayer.

To level up, you just need to complete quests, mastery goals, craft weapons and armor, and hunt Behemoths. 


Cores (cells), titles, permanent health and stamina bonuses, or even more loot during your hunts.

Behemoth Mastery

To increase your Behemoth Mastery Level, all you need to do is kill different Behemoths, complete the objectives specific to those big beasts, break their different limbs, and craft armor related to them.


Increased consumable carrying capacity, elemental resistance bonuses, more loot when breaking Behemoth parts.

Weapon Mastery

Weapon mastery allows you to follow your progress with a type of weapon and to be able to have an eye on your level. To increase your weapon mastery level, you just need to craft weapons of the category you want to improve. Use them in hunts and complete mastery items.


Weapon-specific titles (e.g. "Bladesinger"), new weapon skills, and new weapon mods.

Weapon mastery is very important, it offers significant skills and improvements for your future fights. If you want to improve your Slayer skills, this is a must-have item.

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