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Our articles on Dauntless Dauntless: Repeater Guide Find out all about the repeater, Dauntless' unique ranged weapon!

Repeaters are the only ranged weapons in the game currently. With an easy grip and a rather pleasant gameplay, this weapon is ideal for beginners.

This weapon is fully customizable according to your way of playing or your desires. As you progress through the quests you will unlock the different parts of the weapon.

Name Appearence Difficulty Engime Vitesse Gameplay
Repeaters 2/4 1/4 1/4 For players who like to be mobile, the Repeaters will be the ideal choice. You can attack at short or medium range and easily support your allies quickly thanks to your mobility.

The different parts of repeaters

The Canon : The barrel will mainly determine the base damage that your weapon will do as well as the type of element the weapon will use to do its damage.

The handle : This piece allows you to choose which skill you will fight with.

The firing chamber: The firing chamber will allow you to choose what type of powerful shot will make your weapon. 

The prism : The prism grants a passive bonus. There are several related to each element. The prism does not determine the element of your weapon, but some bonuses are elemental.


The repeater combos are not very complicated to achieve. you just have to right click on your mouse once the gauge is full.

Discover the list of the different Repeater combos.



If you reload your weapon near the Behemoth, you will be aetherocharged. This bonus strengthens your shots and abilities. Try to be under the influence of this buff as much as possible.



Mastery is central to the game, especially for weapons. Apart from the multiple upgrades you can earn there and experience to increase your Slayer level, the mastery system for weapons allows you to unlock various skills related to the weapon.


Learn more about how the mastery system works

Repeater skills

  Lightweight frame: Movement speed increased by 20% when you have 6 ammo or less.
  Extraction Catalyst: Reduces cooldowns of all abilities by 2 seconds when dodging through a Behemoth's attack.
  Capacitive charger: Using an ability restores 4 ammo to the magazine.
  Precision sights: Damage increased by 8 on successive attacks on the same part. Can stack up to 5 times.
  Long range sights: Increases optimal range by 25%.

List of mastery rewards

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