Dauntless: A Practical Guide to Behemoth Hunting

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Our articles on Dauntless Dauntless: Practical Guide for Behemoth Hunting The main mechanic of Dauntless is the hunting of Behemoths, within this guide we will give you tips on how to eliminate them easily.

Before you can start hunting your Behemoth, you will first need to find it. To achieve this, nothing very complicated but will require you to play smart because you cannot rely on a marker to find your target.

For this, rely on your direction (sounds and images) which will give you Indices. Consider separating with your teammates and contact enormously in order to take stock of the possible hiding place of your prey. Also, regularly height to capture a maximum of information and who knows how to see your target in the distance.

Once your target has been spotted, you can launch a light flare to report the location of your target by pressing the key C (default) to gather with your teammates. 

The signal flares are visible from afar and in addition, you can customize them.

Read his body language

Each Behemoth works with patterns very specific and it will quickly be easy to read their way of chaining their attacks. Of course, don't expect to be able to take down your target easily with a few combos because Monsters in Dauntless are real life point bags.

Each Behemoth has its own way of attacking you, it will quickly be easy to guess what it will do.

In order to make your life easier, rely heavily on the dodge because it will give you a slight invincibility during the duration of the action but it will not be easy to quickly master this technique when you do not know your enemy well.

Finally, consider quickly slicing the queue of your target because thanks to it, it can do enormous damage to you. To achieve this, bet on an ally with the Sword who can get rid of it easily.

Learn to read damage types


In Dauntless you will notice that when you tap an enemy you will have numbers with specific colors appear. These colors are four in number and we will detail them for you to know how to use them wisely.

Green : The damage numbers with the green color represent normal damage and simply contribute to reducing the life of your target.

Yellow : The numbers in yellow represent the damage of slicing or breaking. This will show you the damage you do to the various members of the Behemoth such as its queue or to his paws. If you do enough damage, the targeted part will eventually break or be sliced ​​and a loot will be recoverable. Once the targeted part is broken or sliced, it will be useless for you to continue doing damage on it. This damage is specific to axes, swords, blade chains et aetherolance.


A Behemoth receiving damage in yellow and blue.


Blue : Damage in blue is bludgeoning damage. As you'd expect, this damage will eventually stun your target and you can then quickly chain together combos to do maximum damage to them for the duration of the stun. This damage is specific to swords, axes, blade chains et hammers.

Red : This damage represented in red is damage of injury. Doing enough Wound damage reduces the resistance of the target Behemoth member and thus inflicts additional damage. To achieve this you will necessarily need a penetration weapon, namely theaetherolance. Three bonuses can also do this job: Acid, Barbed et Unforgiven.

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