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Our articles on Dauntless Dauntless: Getting a beta key Dauntless has been in closed beta for several months, and it's possible to get a beta key in several different ways.

Dauntless is a Monter Hunter-like only available on PC currently in closed beta, and could be of interest to many hunters. While waiting for the open beta or the release of Monster Hunter World on PC, we detail the different ways to obtain a closed beta key of this competitor to MHW!

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Buy a Founder's Pack

Even if Dauntless is in closed beta and will be released in free-to-play (date still unknown), Phoenix Labs is offering to support the game and obtain several in-game benefits by purchasing one of the available Founder's Packs, including a beta key.

Register on the Dauntless website

Beta keys are sent daily to players who have created an account on the site de Dauntless, consider creating one if you are interested!

Subscribe to a partner channel

Dauntless partner streamers (LightItUpDan & Tritemare) offer beta key codes to those who subscribe to their channel Twitch or sometimes give them to viewers during their lives. Enter the command “!keys” in their chat to get the various information needed, and follow the instructions!

Namely that subscribe via Amazon/Twitch Prime allows you to obtain this beta key, and that the activation of the link between your Discord & Twitch account can take up to 1 hour (you will have to wait patiently for the songs to be accessible to you).

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