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Our articles on Dauntless Dauntless: Equipment - optimizing progression Do you have good armor but lack the resources to improve it? don't panic, we tell you everything!

Once your equipment is built, you will need a lot of resources to improve it. You can go up to level 15, and to do this, there are more or less 3 tiers of resources to improve your equipment to the maximum level.

First step, the Orbs!

Once your weapon or armor is built, you will only need to collect the orbs of the element specific to the armor (or weapon) to improve it up to level 5.

To get orbs there you will have to go on a mission, but not just any. You will have to do the patrol type missions. Then you just have to select the type of element you want in order to get the orbs you need.

Once you reach level 5, you will need to move on to the next "level", and this one will require rarer components to find.

→ For radiant and dark Behemoths, dull gems are requested from level 1 because there is no orb linked to their element.

How to get Dull Gems and other rare resources?

To switch to 6 level you will be asked for at least one rare component in addition to orbs, gold, and regular materials. To get its rare materials, you'll need to battle an upgraded version of the usual Behemoth. 

→ For example for the Boreus armor set you will have to find psionic scales that you win after defeating a Boreus Cryotourment.

These Behemoths are much more resistant than their congeners and although they have the same abilities, these are greatly improved.

Find all the information on the weaknesses of the different Behemoths here.

But that's not all sincefrom level 6, you will need Dull Gems. These gems can be found on Enhanced Behemoth Hunts or in Feral Patrol Missions.

It is important to know the "basic" version of the different Behemoths very well in order to become familiar with the different paterns (skills) of the monster. 

→ You will need a lot of dull gems to upgrade your gear.

shiny gems

At level 8, you will also need the shiny gems to continue to progress in your equipment. To get shiny gems you will have to go to a whole different level of difficulty.

Unlike dull gems where you had to face Behemoths with a threat level between 8 and 12 (approximately), for shiny gems, you will have to face monsters with a higher threat level (13-16). You can also perform heroic patrols, which are the most difficult patrols. 

Get Perfect Gems

Finally, once you reach level 10, you will need a brand new rare and even epic resource! the perfect gems.

Used to improve his equipment above level 10, you will need to collect 35 per piece of equipment. To get it, you will need to participate in threat level 17+ hunts and patrols. Players will therefore face a major challenge.

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