Frieza Saga - Episode 6

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On this page of guide Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, you will discover the complete progress of the Frieza Saga - Episode 6.

Available Side Stories: Melone, the Rebellious Cook
Soul Emblems Acquired: Nail

All Dragon Balls
With Son Gohan, head towards Frieza鈥檚 ship (pictures1and2). Then eliminate Captain Ginyu in the guise of Son Goku, as well as Jeice (picture3).

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The magic formula
You can now take care of the secondary story Melone, the rebel cook. Then head towards the Dean鈥檚 house (pictures4and5). On the road, you cross Dende and a scene is triggered.

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The Terrifying Emperor
After a long scene, Son Gohan and Vegeta must face Frieza鈥檚 second form (picture6). Dodge quickly when Frieza launches his deadly explosion (picture7): he will send you several energy balls.

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To inflict maximum damage on him, try to knock him down with a Meteor Blow, then simultaneously launch a Masenko (or a Super Masenko) with Son Gohan, and a Garric Cannon with Vegeta (picture8).

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Piccolo 脿 la rescousse!
You now play as Piccolo. During a scene, Piccolo merges with Nail, which allows you to obtain Nail鈥檚 Soul Emblem (picture9). Then join Son Gohan and Vegeta (pictures10and11).

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A fearsome new form
When you arrive there, you must defeat Frieza using Piccolo鈥檚 techniques (picture12). The first encounter will be no problem.

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Following your victory, Frieza transforms again (picture13), and a new fight begins (picture14). This time Piccolo is not fighting alone, you can use Son Gohan's support attacks.

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