Mira, Warrior of the Future

Victory Conditions:

  • Bats View.

Chess Conditions:

  • Player's HP depleted

Base Reward:

  • 3500 Zenis

In this confrontation which opposes you once again to View, you will be accompanied by Trunks who came to lend a hand. In addition to having undergone an increase in his health, his resistance and his strength, he has two formidable new techniques (picture1). The first allows him to extract a huge amount of energy from his body, in order to concentrate it into a small ball that he will throw at you. The second visible on image 1, although less powerful, offers him the possibility of causing you to suffer a lot of damage. Fortunately View is not very responsive during your assaults, making it easier for you to overcome them without dying (picture2).

1 picture

2 picture

Video of the fight:

Audio Video Mira, Warrior of the Future
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