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Dragon Ball Fusion Walkthrough: Have you always dreamed of merging mythical characters from the Dragon Ball saga? Well, this new Dragon Ball Fusions released on February 17, 2017 in Europe and on 3DS will allow you to achieve your goals. Indeed, you will be able to compose your own team in a game of the type Tactical RPG and face characters from the license. You can then collect them and merge them together to obtain the best possible team.

Our complete walkthrough of dragon ball fusions will first explain to you how complete the main story of the game as well as all side quests. Next, you will see how to get the best team and collect all the unique attacks depending on your characters. Finally, a partDaily Quiz" will give you all the correct answers of the Quiz dedicated to the Dragon Ball manga.

  • Getting started in Dragon Ball Fusions

  • History Events

    • Prologue
    • Spatiotemporal Rift: 1F
    • Spatiotemporal Rift: 2F
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  • Sub-Events

    • Spatiotemporal Rift: 1F
    • Spatiotemporal Rift: 2F
    • Spatiotemporal Rift: 3F
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  • Recruit all characters

    • Rank C characters
    • Rank B characters
    • Rank A characters
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  • Daily Quiz de Dragon Ball Fusions

    • Daily Quiz: Anime Part 1
    • Daily Quiz: Anime Part 2
    • Daily Quiz: Movie Part 1
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  • FAQ Dragon Ball Fusions

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