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Son Goku (beginning)


Son Goku is the main character of Dragon Ball, and one of the descendants of the Saiyan warrior race. As a child, he was sent from Planet Vegeta to conquer Earth, but a head injury dispelled his conquering Saiyan instincts. Unaware of his mission, Goku grows up like any earthling child. Under the influence of his adoptive grandfather Sangohan, he became a kind and generous young boy. It was only much later that he met his brother Radditz and learned the secret of his origins. Sickened by the brutality of the Saiyans, Goku decided to ignore his blood brothers' offer to continue fighting for the land.




If Goku yearns to fight powerful opponents, it's because of the Saiyen blood flowing through his veins. His love of combat is so strong that the more powerful his enemy, the more eager he is to face them. Despite this, Goku's only objective is to defeat the one he fights, without ever intending to take his life. This is how he spared Piccolo and Vegeta after defeating them. Sangoku pays little attention to anything that does not relate to combat. Often indifferent to what is happening around him, he gives the impression of only having an interest in combat. His wife Chichi also has a hard time keeping the finances of the household so much Goku is disinterested in work and money. In the end, the family still manages to get by thanks to the colossal treasure saved by Chichi's father who provides for their daily needs. Goku (middle)


This character corresponds to Son Goku in his period following the training with Kaio who increased his strength tenfold. Master Kaïo's teaching was enriching and varied, so that when Goku resumed fighting after his training, he had become a more calm fighter than he was during his younger years. He followed Bulma and the other parties towards Planet Namek in an attempt to resurrect their friends killed by Vegeta and Nappa. In the ship that took him to the planet, he continued to train by submitting to extremely high gravity, thus multiplying his physical strength. He even became so strong that upon his arrival on Namek he easily defeated the Commando Ginue struggling with Vegeta and the others.





Super Saiyan Goku (middle)


On the planet Namek, it was the death of his friend Krillin, killed by Frieza, which exploded Goku's anger and changed him for the first time into a Super Saiyan. When Goku changes into a Super Saiyan, his hair and his eyebrows take on a golden hue. His hair also stands on his head and an aura, golden also emanates, emanates from his entire body. When Goku first calls upon this transformation, he seems to go rough and isn't quite himself anymore.



While adopting this form, he is 50 times more powerful than he is in his normal form. It was thus transformed that, not content with surviving the fight against Frieza and on an equal footing with him, he even managed to defeat him.



Son Goku (end)


After facing many unusual opponents in fierce battles, Goku becomes calmer and shows great control over his emotions. Goku was killed in the fight between him and Cell. He then found himself in the Beyond, but returned to the world of the living to participate in the World Martial Arts Championship. At that time, the Machiavellian sorcerer Babidi undertook to resuscitate Bou, and Sangoku was forced to support Kaïo Shin overwhelmed by events. Despite his relative old age, Goku still looks so young, sporting features very close to those he had when he was a teenager. Ah the permanent youth of the Saiyans...





Super Saiyan Goku (end)


This is Goku's Super Saiyen form during Bou's saga. If his transformation into a Super Saiyan made him previously violent and brutal, his training in the room of spirit and time, before his fight against Cell, allowed him to learn to remain in control of himself when he is under stress. this form. Goku can turn into a Super Saiyan whenever he wants without his emotions having a role to play in it.




Super Saiyan 2 Goku


Here is Goku in his Super Saiyen 2 form. This form is obviously more powerful than the traditional Super Saiyen form. Goku learns to master this form during his stay in the Beyond, in the company of Kaïo. Visually, this form differs only slightly from that of Super Saiyan. Only the golden aura emanating from his body changes into an aura of lightning and his locks of hair take on less thick features to become thinner and slender. His strength becomes truly incredible and puts his body to the test. We see him adopt this form when he fights Majin Vegeta (Vegeta possessed by Babidi) in the sage of Bou, but also when he faces Paikuhan during the Afterlife Championship (sequence which only appears in the series anime, but not in the manga).





Super Saiyan 3 Goku


The third Super Saiyan form is the form that visually differs the most from all those seen so far. Goku's hair grows so much that it falls down to his waist as his eyebrows disappear completely. Goku assumes this form to prevent Babidi from using Bou. He also uses this transformation in a few OVAs and uses it to fight Janemba and Hildegan. The main weakness of this technique is that it requires a considerable amount of energy. Sangoku can then only take this form for a very limited time outside the Beyond. The transformation time is then equivalent to about half an hour.





small goku


At the birth of each Saiyan, their strength is measured, then their fate is decided. Sangoku, who had a level considered rather low at the time, was sent to Earth as a lower warrior. There, he was taken in and raised by the man who later became his “Grandfather”: Sangohan. Worthy heir of the Saiyans, Goku was basically a violent and turbulent child. But one day, he hit his head violently during a fall and his innate brutality faded immediately. Following this shock, the young boy became quite adorable and loving justice. At that time, Sangoku still had a tail, characteristic of Saiyans, and changed into a giant gorilla when he saw the full moon. When he was captured by Pilaf and his band, he saw the full moon, changed into a giant gorilla and escaped from his prison with his companions. When he came to his senses, Goku didn't remember anything and it wasn't until much later that he understood that he was solely responsible for the death of his grandfather Sangohan.



As he was, since his earliest childhood, raised in the mountains, isolated from the rest of the world, Sangoku is not very learned and suffers from a cruel lack of culture and manners. He was also quite unable to tell the difference between a man and a woman without making them "Paf Paf" and believed marriage was a cooked dish. Which also earned him to have to marry Chichi because of a promise based on a misunderstanding. giant gorilla


Each Saiyan with its tail has the ability to transform into a giant gorilla during full moon nights. Vegeta also uses an artificial moon when he first comes to Earth. This technique then makes it possible to transform at any time of the day without depending on the full moon. During this transformation, the power of the individual is greatly increased, but he loses his reason and then becomes a veritable rabid beast. Saiyans suffer from a huge weak point in this form, however. Imposing, their tail can easily become a target. If this is cut, they then return to their normal form having lost a lot of energy in the process. This transformation process is used among the Saiyan people to quickly conquer the planets targeted for colonization.




Sangohan petit


Sangoku is the son of Sangoku and Chichi and inherited the name of Sangoku's adoptive grandfather: Sangohan. Chichi initially refused to allow Gohan to practice martial arts, preferring that he study and acquire the education necessary for his future life. Gohan has thus become a well-mannered and polite boy and bears little resemblance to Sangoku in the end. On the other hand, his mother's overprotection and the fact that he was constantly spoiled made him a child who was both shy and fearful. Despite these two flaws, when his friends and loved ones are in danger, his latent powers suddenly awaken, granting him inordinate strength. Rage then blinds him and he often rushes at his opponent, inflicting sometimes disproportionate wounds. His powers thus awakened twice, when his father was about to breathe his last during his fight against Radditz, and when Krillin and Piccolo were about to be eliminated by Frieza. Like his father before him, Gohan also has a tail and changes into a giant gorilla when he sees the full moon.






Sangohan ado


Teenage Gohan appears right after the Frieza Period of Dragon Ball Z. After returning from planet Namek, he studies diligently with the goal of later entering college. With his mother Chichi, he then awaits the return of his father, still absent since his last fight against the enemy. As soon as he is made aware by Trunks (from the future) of the Cyborg threat hanging over the Earth, Gohan decides to devote himself again to his training by abandoning his studies for a second time. Then begins an intensive training with his father Sangoku and his mentor Piccolo where he manages to develop his muscles and his physical strength. His friendly nature and his aversion to combat, haven't they changed.





Sangohan Super Saiyen ado


After undergoing intense training in the Hall of Spirit and Time with his father Goku, Gohan learns to transform into a Super Saiyan. Gohan was already showing considerable power and potential, but when he transforms into a Super Saiyan, his power comes to far exceed that of Goku at the same age. His aversion to fighting, on the other hand, does not change despite this transformation, which will sometimes lead him into relatively delicate situations...





Sangohan Super Saiyen 2 ado


Gohan adopts this form for the first time when, enraged, he sees the cyborg C-16 being destroyed before his eyes. In addition to the characteristic physical changes induced by his transformation into a Super Saiyan, Gohan's physical strength increases considerably in this form and an aura of lightning emanates from his entire body (note also this long lock that falls on the right side of his face. ). In the case of Gohan, his personality changes completely, making him as determined as he is implacable, even slightly sadistic. It is under this appearance that he reduces to lint all the Cell Juniors who harassed his friends. He also wanted to make his fight against Cell last as long as possible in order to make him suffer as much as possible, which indirectly leads to the death of Son Goku who sacrificed himself to take Cell away who had decided to explode to reduce the planet to pieces.







After the period of Cell and the cyborgs, Gohan turns 16 and grows into a powerful young man. He then interrupted his studies by correspondence and joined the Orange Star High School in Satan City. It was during this period that he became a masked defender under the name Great Saiyaman in an effort to help the city while keeping his identity secret. At the same time, he also lives a classic student life alongside his other classmates, including Videl, the daughter of the presumed World Champion Mr Satan. As he has long since stopped his training, his fighting techniques are somewhat seized up, but the return of Sangku to the world of the living motivates Gohan who then seriously resumes training with his little brother Sangoten. He then quickly regains his faculties to participate in the World Martial Arts Championship. After the arrival of the sorcerer Babidi, Gohan and his friends oppose Dabra and Bou in order to protect Earth. We notice that at the beginning of Dragon Ball GT, Gohan wears glasses, his eyesight having diminished following the endless hours he devoted to his studies (which paid off, however).



Sangohan Super Saiyen


When Gohan went to Orange Star High School for the first time, he crossed paths with a bandit and transformed into a Super Saiyan with the idea of ​​intervening incognito. Several people witnessed the scene and he had to avoid turning into a public like this. It was in this form that he waged fierce battles against Dabra and Bou. Having stopped training for many years, his martial abilities are not as advanced as they should be at the time of the confrontation...




Sangohan Super Saiyen 2


Gohan last takes this form during the 25th World Martial Arts Championship, right after Videl was badly injured in her fight against Spopovitch. He then yields to the provocations of Kibito who pushes him to deploy his energy and transforms himself into a public, letting all his power burst. We note that after this event, Gohan will never call on this transformation again. No precise explanation is given for this, but it is assumed that his ultimate transformation played a role in this.




Great Saiyama


When he went to Orange Star High School for his first day of classes, Gohan crossed paths with a bandit. He stopped him in his Super Saiyan form and a lot of rumors about a golden-haired warrior soon began to circulate. Gohan then took advice from Bulma who built him a device in the shape of a watch to allow him to transform into a masked warrior at any time. Gohan then quickly took to the game by deciding to regularly fight crime in the city. While ensuring the tranquility of the city, Videl ends up discovering his identity by trapping him with a series of questions. The young man, as naive as his father, was easily trapped there. Videl threatened Gohan to reveal his identity if he didn't train her to become as strong as him. He thus taught him some techniques including that of the dance of the air which allows him to maintain his body in suspension or in other words, to fly. Gohan previously wore a helmet but had to change it to a turban to comply with the rules of the World Martial Arts Tournament. Sunglasses were added to conceal his gaze. His various poses and lines have all been imagined by Gohan who of course finds them very "cool", but apart from Sangoten and Chi-chi, other people tend to find him weird if not extremely ridiculous. Gohan has absolutely no idea, of course...




Sangohan ultime


Here is Gohan in his ultimate form, after his full hidden potential has been unleashed by the magic of the Master of All Kaios released from the Z Sword. In this form, Gohan's strength and abilities are even better than when he was is in Super Saiyan. Unlike a Super Saiyan transformation, his appearance in this perfect form doesn't change him much visually. Her haircut and look are slightly different, however. His personality is on the other hand in the grip of deeper changes and his reluctance to fight then easily vanishes and he no longer has any pity vis-à-vis his adversaries.






Sangoten is the second son of Sangoku. He looks a lot like his father when he was the same age. Unlike his older brother Sangohan, Sangoten grew up in a quiet environment and spends most of his time with his best friend Trunks. Just like his older brother, Sangoten has a very strong fighting potential. Gohan was surprised by his power during their joint training, as well as by his ability to easily transform into a Super Saiyan. Sangoten and Trunks would later use the Fusion technique that Sangoku and Picolo taught them to confront Bou. Growing up, Sangohan stopped fighting so he could devote himself to his one and only passion: girls.




Sangoten Super Saiyen


Unlike his big brother, Sangoten didn't really have to train to become a Super Saiyan. One day while taking a karate lesson with Chi-chi, he spontaneously transformed. That day, Chi-chi made him promise never to transform again (Chi-chi has a complete aversion to the Super Saiyan look which she compares to a faded delinquent look). While training with Sangohan, Sangoten asks his brother for permission to transform so that he can match him in terms of power. While Sangoten's appearance changes a lot when he transforms into a Super Saiyan, he remains the same mentally. He also retains his childhood innocence during the fighting. In the DBZ movies, Sangoten fights many times in this form alongside his young friend Trunks. He will also face the legendary warrior Broly twice.




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