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On this page of the solution Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, you will discover the complete progress of the Saiyan Saga - Episode 7 from the story Protect Earth from the Saiyans!

Available Side Stories: The Plan of Pilaf and His Gang, A Premonitory Fear, Mysterious Power Data, A Familiar Face
Soul Emblem obtained: Lunch, Pilaf, Soba, Mai, Saibaiman, Tao Pai Pai, Crane Master

You now play as Son Gohan. Head towards the marker to try to save Son Goku (picture1). After the scene, Vegeta is greatly weakened: get rid of him with Son Gohan’s attacks (picture2). After your victory, Vegeta flees, and Earth is saved... at least for now.

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This stage of the scenario allows you to freely explore the areas of the game, in order to recover D Medals or Places of Remembrance. Chichi wants to prepare a full meal for you, it's a meal giving a lot more bonuses (see the Full Meal Recipes section).

Get out of the house and fly towards the Keilin village (picture3). On site, speak with the Eccentric Chef (picture4): she gives you the Meat Dish recipe.

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Go back to Chichi and ask her to prepare this recipe for you (pictures5and6).

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Get out of the house, and head towards the new marker (picture7). Eliminate evil enemies (picture8). Much more powerful than normal enemies, do not attack them if you do not have at least an equivalent level. However, by eliminating these enemies, the rewards are much more interesting.

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From this moment, you can follow the secondary mission The plan of Pilaf and his gang. Then go to Master Roshi Island and chat with him (pictures9and10).

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Go to the West Zone (picture11), then approach the marker to meet Lunch (picture12). Defeat the robots (picture13), then return to Master Roshi to obtain Lunch’s Soul Emblem.

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Now open the menu, go to “Group” (picture14), then add Krillin to your team (picture15). This will allow you to use his support attacks during combat.

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Before continuing with the main story, take some time to attend to the following side stories: A Premonitory Fear, Mysterious Power Data, and A Familiar Face. When you are ready, go back to Chichi in Son Goku’s house (pictures16and17).

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