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Dance Super Dragon Ball Heroes there are three different types of fighters. Each card has its own type and specificities: Hero, Elite et Berserker. Be aware that each card has the ability to perform a "Cooperation effect" if it is placed on the same line of attack as other cards of the same type. You can easily differentiate the types of cards via the color visible under each character (picture1). The color red represents the heroes, the color Blue elites and color violets the berserkers.

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type card Hero:

Hero types are balanced fighters with good defense. Easy to use warriors with high guard. These are recommended cards for novices. Heroes can heroically finish fights, and their ease of use is perfect for beginners. If you place several hero-type cards in the attack zone, you will unlock a “Cooperation Effect” (picture2).

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Press at the right time when the attack gauge is charging to perform a “Perfect” attack (picture3). If you succeed in this challenge with several warriors of the same type, you will earn a cooperation bonus. When several cards of the same type attack, they share their power, while triggering a cooperative attack. This effect aims to increase the power level of your attack (picture4).

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The cooperation bonus varies according to the type of the card having obtained a perfect. The cooperation bonus for hero types improves your power level. You also gain hero energy each time your power level increases. This bonus allows you to unleash a special attack with the hero energy you have accumulated. Hero types do not lose much stamina during enemy attacks and are therefore difficult to stun (pictures5and6).

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Elite card type:

The elite type is a warrior specialized in endurance and a follower of the Kikohas. Kikohas reduce your opponent's stamina. Reduce your opponent's stamina to stun and control the flow of combat. These cards are blue (picture7). In the same way as the “Hero” cards, you can place several of them on the attack line to trigger a “Cooperation Effect” (picture8).

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The cooperation effect of these cards allows you to recover stamina (picture9). With sufficient stamina recovery, you can use your attacker cards for a long time (picture10). Properly mastered, elite cards can be devastating: able to asphyxiate the opponent during each round while making him lose stamina so that he can no longer attack.

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Berserker-type card:

Finally, we are going to tell you about the third and last category of SDBH cards: Berserker type cards (picture11). These are powerful, damage-oriented fighters. They can quickly drain your opponent's life points, but lose a lot of stamina against enemy attacks. So you need to manage their stamina well so they don't get stunned. These cards are purple (picture12).

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The cooperation bonus of these cards destroys your opponent's hero energy (picture13). If you are a novice, we advise you to play red cards first. If you're an intermediate SDBH player, add some purple cards to your gear. Finally, when you have played enough, you can compose your deck with several purple cards in order to be as versatile as possible (picture14).

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