25 - C-17 and C-18, the official story

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Catherine Le Nevez
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Victory Conditions:

  • Bats C-17 et C-18.
  • Guard Vegetate et Small desire.
  • Bats C-17 et C-18 resuscitated.

Chess Conditions:

  • Team HP depleted
  • Time elapsed

Base Reward:

  • 2800 Zenis
  • Medium Capsule
  • Soul Diffusion Blend
  • I fight for good! (Soul Z) => Obtained by completing the quest
  • Hey, well done! (Soul Z) => Obtained by defeating Android 18
  • Android 18 outfit (with "RR" symbol) => Obtained by defeating Android 18
  • Android 17 outfit => Obtained by defeating Android 17 at the ultimate end
  • Energy Field (Kikoha Technique) => Obtained by defeating Android 17
  • Super Electric Strike (Kikoha Technique) => Obtained by defeating C-17 at the ultimate end

Start by getting rid of C-18 that is in the area, covering Vegetate so that he doesn't get killed by the latter. Then once you have emptied all of its life bar, it will get up to fly towards another sector (picture1). Then cross the Portal which leads to the sector of Mountains, in order to make his brother suffer the same fate C-17. When you've drained part of his health bar, Small will join the area to help you face him (picture2).

1 picture

2 picture

Then be careful that he does not get killed by your enemy and come immediately to lend him a hand if he takes damage (picture3). When you have emptied the entire life bar of C-17, the latter will also fly to another sector. Then cross the Portal leading to the Plaine which has activated, where this time you will have to face them both. Once you've defeated them both and if you're lucky they'll get back up one last time allowing you to get the "Fin Latest" (picture4).

3 picture

4 picture

Video of this parallel quest:

Audio Video 25 - C-17 and C-18, the official story
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