28 - The Crystal Balls are ours!

Victory Conditions:

  • recover 6 Crystal Balls.
  • Beat all Cell Jr.
  • Find them 7 Crystal Balls.

Chess Conditions:

  • Team HP depleted
  • Time elapsed

Base Reward:

  • 4000 Zenis
  • Large Capsule
  • soul echo
  • Soul Diffusion Blend
  • Muah ha! I've got you ! (Soul Z) => Obtained by defeating all Cell Jr.
  • Hat of C-19 => Obtained by completing the quest in normal end or ultimate end
  • Holding C-19 => Obtained randomly by collecting crystal balls and defeating at least 1 Cell Jr.
  • Super Absorption (Combat Technique) => Obtained by completing the quest by defeating at least 1 Cell Jr.

This parallel quest is extremely simple to complete, the goal being to find 3 Crystal Balls and bring them back time machine de Trunks (picture1). These are hidden in the area where you spawn, but all three are guarded by Cell Jr. One of them is well hidden behind a rock wall, which you must destroy using a technique Kikoha (picture2). To try your luck to access the bonus part of this quest, it is imperative to eliminate the Cell Jr before bringing the 3rd Crystal Ball.

1 picture

2 picture

Trunks will then announce to you that it has found other crystal balls, but others Cell Jr will also appear in the area (picture3). Get rid of them quickly before bringing back the other 3 balls, which will trigger the final phase of the quest with the arrival of Cell (Perfect). You can then either defeat him to increase your end score, or bring back the 7rd Crystal Ball to shorten the quest. Whatever your choice at this point in the quest, you will get the mention "Fin Latest" once the last ball has been brought to the time machine de Trunks (picture4).

3 picture

4 picture

Video of this parallel quest:

Audio Video 28 - The Crystal Balls are ours!
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