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This part of the Soluce Monster Hunter Stories 2 is dedicated to the secondary quest "Rider's Guide (Level 1)". Here you will find the progress of the mission as well as information on its activation conditions and the rewards obtained.

part 1

Access conditions: Complete "Birth of a Rider"

Collect: Simply pick up objects while exploring to complete this objective (picture1).

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Hatch: After collecting an egg from a den, go to the stables to hatch it and get the Combo Recipe "Tracking Base" (image2-3).

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Combine: Collect ingredients and combine 20 items from your inventory to complete the objective and get the “Hunting Life” Combo Recipe Summer " (image4-5).

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part 2

Access conditions: Complete "Beyond the Overhang"

Offerings: Go to the village prayer box and offer two charms to validate the objective (pictures6-7).

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Goals : Simply complete 10 missions of any type to complete this objective (picture8). For example, you can complete the "stone collector" mission several times to progress quickly.

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part 3

Access conditions: Complete "Toxic Hazard"

Dens: Go to the plains and enter dens to advance this objective (pictures9-10). You don't need to visit the entire lair, you can just walk in and then exit immediately for it to count towards the total.

9 picture

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Win: Explore the plains and face small monsters like Aptonoth, Velociprey or Konchus to validate the objective (pictures11-12).

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To forge : Go to the village blacksmith and craft 3 weapons or armor to complete this objective (pictures13-14).

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Duels : While progressing in the adventure, win duels against monsters to complete this objective without really thinking about it (picture15).

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