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In this section of guide dedicated Monster Hunter World, we are going to tell you how to get the Chatmans secret quest. By successfully completing this mission, you will obtain a new item to equip your Palico and the Termite Desert Chatmans will be able to help you during your hunts. First go to Area 15 where you can create a camp (picture1).

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When leaving the camp, go through the cave leading you in front of a Chatman (picture2). This character will chat with your Palico and explain that his friends got lost in the Termite Desert (picture3). You will have to find the three Chatmans to complete this mission. Information: you can retrieve the Chatmans out of order.

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Go to Area 10 to find your first Chatman at the top of a small cliff (picture4). Walk up to him, stooping down so you don't get spotted. Then, use your net to retrieve it (picture5). The second Chatman is in a cave in Area 11 of the Termite Desert (picture6).

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The last Chatman is below the path leading to Area 15. Throw your net from the edge of the cliff to retrieve it (picture7). Go back to the Chatman to complete this secret mission (picture8) and recover the totem shield : a huge Chatman shield used for defense (picture9).

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