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In this new section of our complete guide dedicated to Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, we are going to tell you how to defeat the Brachydios during the main quest "Operation Punch (โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…)". This enemy has three weak points: its head, its front legs and its tail (picture1). After reaching the Land of the Ancients, advance to Area 5 to meet this imposing creature (picture2).

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Note that you can skin the Uragaan victim of the Brachydios if you wish (picture3). The Brachydios has two classic moves: its forward march and its leap. His forward march consists of hitting the ground with his fists while approaching you (picture4). Use your sprint to get far enough away from the Brachydios who won't be able to catch up with you.

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If you are far enough away from the Brachydios, you will see it move away then crouch before jumping to your position. Stay in motion to avoid its jump (picture5). On a regular basis, the Brachydios will coat its legs with a green slime (picture6). This bad luck will end up on the ground when he pounces on you or walks forward while hitting the ground with his fists.

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If you get hit by bad luck via a Brachydios attack or by stepping on it, roll several times until it disappears (picture7). Otherwise, it will eventually explode and inflict heavy damage on you. The Brachydios can also hit you with its tail if you stay behind it (picture8).

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However, we do not recommend using your grappling hook to climb onto the Brachydios during this mission. Indeed, extremely mobile, it can throw you to the ground quite quickly. Only use your grapple as a last resort when the Brachydios is exhausted and/or near a wall to stun it (picture9).

Once on the ground, hit its front legs first to mitigate most of its attacks (picture10). After several minutes of combat, this creature will become enraged.

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From then on, the Brachydios will spread bad luck throughout the arena and make it explode much faster than normal (picture11). Stay alert and watch the ground constantly so you don't get hit. Donโ€™t forget to use and abuse your Palicoโ€™s vitawasps which can save you after several successive explosions (picture12). When the Brachydios is enraged, it can follow you anywhere in the Land of the Ancients...

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... therefore take the opportunity to run to the place where the Azure Rathalos is located (picture13). The Rathalos will win the vast majority of his fights and you will only have to watch the two monsters clash and then follow the Brachydios when he leaves the area. Use your mount to track the Exhausted Brachydios before it has time to regenerate, and continue your fight until you finally defeat it (picture14).

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