Boa constrictor

In this new section of our complete Monster Hunter World Iceborne DLC guide, we'll tell you how to get and complete the "Boa constrictor" free mission. After facing the Viper Tobi-Kadachi during the main quest "The Snow Cerberus (★★)", go back to Seliana and talk to the blacksmith who will ask you to go and face 14 Boaboa (pictures1and2).

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Accept his request to travel to Eternal Frost and search for these little creatures. You will mainly find them in Zones n°2, n°6 and n°9 (picture3). First fight the Wulg who will protect the Boaboa and then attack them directly (picture4). The purple Boaboa has the ability to poison you while the blue can put you to sleep.

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Be aware that after dealing with enemies in an area and/or collecting materials, they will eventually respawn after a few minutes. If you have trouble finding Boaboa in this region, simply return to the areas already explored and face them again (picture5). By completing this mission, you will obtain the rare material: Ticket Boaboa (picture6).

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