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Guide Monster Hunter Rise : Monster Hunter Rise is an action-adventure game developed and published by Capcom exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. The game offers once again to go in search of gigantic monsters on open maps this time inspired by feudal Japan and allows to welcome new mechanics. Half a century after the last Calamity, hunters must face a terrifying new threat in order to protect Kamura Village and the entire region from chaos. This solution will explain how each weapon works, so you can choose the equipment that suits you best. Our walkthrough will also detail how to complete the quests available to you, how to defeat monsters in the easiest way, and how to upgrade your equipment to face the most powerful creatures in the world. Monster hunter rise.

  • Monster Hunter Rise Basics

    • Start well
    • Fights and evolutions
    • Harvesting and butchering
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  • Monster Hunter Rise Weapons

    • great sword
    • long sword
    • Sword & Shield
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  • Monster Hunter Rise Quests

  • Village Quests

    • Training Quests
    • Level 1 Village Quests ★
    • Level 2 Village Quests ★
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  • Grand-Camp Novice quests

    • Special license test
    • Grand Camp Novice 1 Quests ★
    • Grand Camp Novice 2 Quests ★
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  • Grand-Camp Expert quests

    • Grand Camp Expert 4 Quests ★
    • Grand Camp Expert 5 Quests ★
    • Grand Camp Expert 6 Quests ★
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  • Monster Hunter Rise Regions

    • Forgotten temple
    • ice archipelago
    • Sand plains
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  • Monster Hunter Rise Collectibles

    • Forgotten Temple Collectibles
    • Ice Archipelago Collectibles
    • Sand Plains Collectibles
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  • Monster Hunter Rise Bestiary

    • Grand Izuchi
    • Grand Baggi
    • Kulu Ya Ku
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