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This series of quests will be given to you by the Zoologist. Go to Explore mode when you see the Zoologist in an area. Its position will be indicated by an exclamation mark on the map. Talk to her to get the information asking you to find a certain type of animal. The video below will show you the location of all the fish you are going to have to catch.

Important: go in Exploration mode with your Cape Chameleon so as not to be spotted by the animals that you will have to recover.

Location of the Zoologist

Zoologist Location

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Video of the "Zoologist" mission:

Ancient Forest - Woodland Pteryx:

The first mission of the Zoologist will ask you to go hunting for the Forest Pteryx (picture1). Go to the Ancient Forest, southeast of Camp 11 (picture2). You will find the wood pteryx in Area 05, climbing trees (picture3).

1 picture

2 picture

3 picture

Termite Desert - Worker Ant:

The second mission of the Zoologist will ask you to go hunting for the Worker Ant (picture4). Go to the Termite Desert, to Area 04, where the Zoologist is (picture5). You will find the Worker ant on the ground, near the Zoologist (picture6).

4 picture

5 picture

6 picture

Coral Platter - Tortilleur:

The third mission of the Zoologist will ask you to go hunting for the Toriller (picture7). Go to the Coral Plateau, at Camp 12 (picture8). You will find Tortillers just outside the camp (picture9).

7 picture

8 picture

9 picture

Val putride - Scavantula:

The fourth mission of the Zoologist will ask you to go hunting for Scavantula (picture10). Go to the Putrid Vale and move to a Carcass (picture11). Carcasses are indicated by a yellow fossil icon on the map. You will find Scavantulas near them (picture12).

10 picture

11 picture

12 picture

Land of the Ancients - Scarabomb:

The Zoologistโ€™s fifth mission will ask you to go on a Scarabomb hunt (picture13). Go to the region: Land of the Ancients and move on the path between Area 03 and 02 (picture14). This is where the Uragaan will move and leave pieces of stone. These are the pieces that the Scarabombs will transport (picture15). You can therefore find some on this path.

13 picture

14 picture

15 picture

The Imaginary Bird - Sweet Crake:

The fifth mission of the Zoologist will ask you to go hunting for an imaginary Bird (picture16). It is possible to find this animal on the back of the Aptonoth in the Ancient Forest, the Apceros in the Termite Desert or even on the back of the Mosswine (picture17). Put on your Cape Chameleon and move near a group of Aptonoth, Apceros or a Mosswine...

16 picture

17 picture

You will know if a group of "sea โ€‹โ€‹gull" will appear thanks to the sound of this animal (picture18). If you do not see this animal appear, change areas until you finally succeed. It will take you several hours before you succeed in this feat and get the top -do : "Cuddly moment". Then go talk to the Zoologist who will give you a Golden Wyverian Ticket (picture19).

18 picture

19 picture

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