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First appeared in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, the Volvidon is a large monster with the Paralysis and Stink status (picture1) and weak against the afflictions: Willpower, Explosion and Water Blight (picture2). During your first encounter, equip yourself with rarity 2 armor and place deodorants in your inventory. This object cures the stench, the hellfire blight and the explosion blight (picture3).

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As explained in the previous parts of our complete guide dedicated to Monster hunter rise, don’t forget to eat and equip yourself with many potions before heading towards the Lava Caverns (pictures4and5). Then climb on the back of your Chumsky and gallop to Area 12, the place where the Volvidon usually hides (picture6).

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Video of the fight against le Volvidon:

When you see the Volvidon stop and wait, step back by rolling backwards (picture7). Stopping for several seconds, it will project a stench gas in its perimeter (picture8) preventing you from using your items if you are hit. In case of problem, use a Deodorant in your inventory to stop this plague.

Tip: Put the "Healer" class on your Palico during this hunt. He can place deodorants on the battlefield to heal you instantly (picture9).

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In the same way as the Arzuros, the Volvidon is able to stand on its hind legs and strike three times in a row (picture10). This attack is very wide and can hit you within a perimeter of 180 degrees (picture11). This big monster can also spit stink balls in a straight line that a simple roll will dodge (picture12).

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Regarding its special attacks, the Volvidon is able to perform jumps and roll into a ball. For his jumps, you will see three variations: a big jump in your direction (picture13), several jumps in the area or quick jumps when he is in “rage” mode. When you see him make his big jump, go as far as possible from his position (picture14).

Tip: look at its shadow on the ground to find out where it will fall (picture15). If you get too close to him, you will fall to the ground and take several seconds to get up. On the other hand, if you avoid this attack, you will have several seconds to inflict damage on him.

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Finally, the Volvidon can curl up and rush at you in a straight line, backwards or in random trajectories (picture16). Be aware that a dodge at the right time can lead the monster to hit the scenery (picture17), leaving it stunned and at the mercy of your attacks (picture18). The rest is just a long fight from which you will have to emerge victorious.

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