In red and blue (★★★★★★★)

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This mission given by the Armorer will ask you to face two large monsters (picture1). Go to the section “A Burning Throne in the Peaks (★★★★★)” to understand how to face the Rathalos and to the section “Sovereign of the Skies (★★★★★★★)” concerning the Azure Rathalos (picture2). . Tip: use a dung on one of the two animals to force it to leave an area and face them alone.

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When the fight is over, go back to the Armorer (picture3) and talk to her to get the item: Gladiator's Cloak (picture4). This equipment causes monsters to attack you more often and makes them easier to lure. The effect ends if you are attacked.

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Written by Pierre Durden on 15/02/2018Azure Apocalypse (★★★★★★★)Shades of Pink (★★★★★★★)
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