Greener grass (★)

This first side quest works as a tutorial. Thanks to this mission, you will be able to explore the Ancient Forest, collect materials and carry out your first fights with a weapon. First, go see your assistant or interact with the quest panel (picture1). Go to the “Free” section and get the following mission: Greener Grass (★) (picture2).

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Teleport to the Zone 1 camp and collect the items in the Supply Box (picture3). Then, go east to find a group of Kestodons that you will have to fight. The first confrontation will be a very good training to understand the different mechanics of the game: dodge the charge of the animal and hit it in the back (picture4).

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Do not forget to skin your victims once the fight is over (picture5). After defeating 5 male Kestrodons and 7 female Kestrodons, you will complete this first side mission. It is important to do this mission in order to understand how combat works in Monster Hunter World, get used to using your weapon and assimilate the areas of the Ancient Forest. In addition, you will get Armor Spheres as a reward (picture6). These items will allow you to improve your armor at the blacksmith.

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