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In this part of our game aid devoted to Dragon Ball Legends, we will tell you how get new characters playable.

The objective in Dragon Ball Legends is to get the best characters possible in order to compete with all enemies in both PvE and PvP. To do this, the easiest way is to accumulate "Chrono Crystals" by completing the chapters and Challenges of the Story Mode, by completing Missions, by logging in each day, or by participating in Events.

When you have at least 100 Choro Crystals, go to “Summon” from the menu (picture1). Then choose “Single Summon” or Consecutive Summon” depending on your amount of crystals to trigger a fight scene that you can skip (pictures2and3).

1 picture

2 picture

3 picture

At the end of the scene, you get random characters (picture4). Very interesting thing with this system, if you get a character you already have, they will merge to increase their power (picture5). So use Chrono Crystals as soon as you can in order to advance the characters you already have, and possibly get a Sparking character with a little luck.

4 picture

5 picture

Another possibility to obtain characters, participate in the Events of the moment (picture6). Some events will reward you with a new character (picture7).

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7 picture

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