Anthem: Disable Barrier in Triple Threat Mission

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Our articles about Anthem Anthem: Disabling the barrier in the Triple Threat mission During your adventure in Anthem, you may get stuck on the Triple Threat mission puzzle to disable the barrier. Fortunately, we have the solution!

The mission puzzle Triple Menace for disable the barrier can give you a hard time, especially if you're not in voice with your team members. Fortunately, its resolution is very simple to obtain.

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When you are in the big room, you face 3 locks which can each display several logos of different colors.

Each lock has its own logo, displayed in a specific place that you will have to find: one of them is on the small pillars to the left of its bridge, for another it is on the wall to the left of the lock and for the last, its logo is visible under her bridge.

Display the respective logo of each lock, and the barrier will deactivate, allowing you to continue the mission!

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