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In this section of Guide Monster Hunter Stories 2, you will discover the unfolding of the secondary quest "Treasure map". You will also find here information about the conditions of access to the mission and the rewards obtained.

Activation : relaxed man

Access conditions: Complete "The Rebuild"

Reward : Bottle Cap x10 + Gold Block x3

Talk to the old man near the chief’s house in Kuan village, then head towards Sailors’ Beach, in the Loloska region (pictures1-2).

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2 picture

There, go to the southwestern section of the beach and retrieve the shiny object on the ground to get a new clue (pictures3-4). After that, you will have to go to the island of Hakolo before approaching the waterfall located to the north (picture5).

3 picture

4 picture

5 picture

At this location, collect a new shiny object near the cliff to update your objectives (picture6). From this point, you will have to progress in the adventure until you complete the quest " Everyone in the lab! ". From then on, go to the western desert of Lamure at night to find the last clue near the lake in the center of the area (pictures7-8).

6 picture

7 picture

8 picture

Once all these items are in your possession, you can return to Kuan Village to complete the quest (picture9).

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