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If you need a trucking video game to relax on your PC, look no further! Choose one of these great titles from our list below.

For gamers who want an extremely challenging truck driving simulation game, look no further than SnowRunner. This truck game includes complicated mechanics, beautiful landscapes and an expansive world.

Although it's not technically a truck driving game, you can make one! There are many trucks to choose from in this open world car racing game. If you want, you can choose a truck, customize it and hit the road. You can even engage your truck in races against luxury cars!

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Euro Truck Simulator has become one of the most popular truck simulation games, and its sequel does not disappoint for carrying the torch. This game is full of European roads, tough trucks and challenging but not impossible mechanics.

Scania Truck Driving Simulator may not be the most popular truck driving video game out there, but it still has a core audience that it is devoted to. This game is actually a precursor to Euro Truck Simulator, but is known for its toned down graphics and higher difficulty.

If you want to play a trucking game, but your choice isn't too serious, consider Big Mutha Truckers 2. This scorching and irreverent game offers goofy yet action-packed gameplay. It's a great way to waste time.

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