Far Cry 6 collection point, where to find them?

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Our articles on Far Cry 6 Far Cry 6 collection point, where to find them? Collection points in Far Cry 6 can be very useful for collecting vehicles. But where can you easily find it? We explain to you!

Dance Far Cry 6, it is important to be able to unlock vehicles, and to be able to use them afterwards. Once you drive a car, you're definitely going to want to add it to your collection for later reuse. For this you will have to use collection points !

More where are these collection points, and how to access these vehicles? You will identify these different collection points using the green vehicle icons appearing on the map. You will be able to go to each of these collection points to drop off the cars you have found on Yaran Island and add them to your collection. You can then drive them whenever you want.

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Where are the collection points in Far Cry 6?

Collection points are available in different locations in Far Cry 6, which can sometimes be very far from each other. The easiest way to find them is to go to military targets, indicated by white arrows icons on blue background on your card.

Once there, you should see the different collection points appear on your map. This time it's a white icon on green background which will appear, with each time the drawing of the vehicle that you can collect there: horse, car, plane or helicopter.

By going to the place indicated by these icons, these are ground parking spaces, marked with a paint and blue studs, which you will find. This is where you will need to park your vehicle, and add it to your collection ! Be careful though, you will have to park your vehicle in the right place: a car cannot be stored on a horse icon.

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