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How to Unlock Legendary Heroes in XCOM 2

Dance XCOM 2 Like in the previous installment, there are legendary heroes with exceptional skills that you can unlock in your game. Be aware, however, that in return, steam achievements will be blocked if you use one of these characters in your team. To date we know three unique characters but we will update this tip with each new discovery.

To unlock a hero, it's very simple:

- Choose a soldier from the armory    

- Click on “Customize”   

- Click on “Character info”   

- Change his first and last name to one of the heroes below    

- Accept

Sid “Godfather” Meier

First name: Sid

Last name: Meyer

The father of the Civilization games is once again present as a legendary hero in XCOM 2. He is still a character with advanced psionic abilities.

Peter “Diamond/Wildchild/Fury” Van Doorn

First name: Peter

Last name: Van Doorn

This is a non-player character from XCOM first of the name that we had to rescue in an extraction mission. His lines of dialogue made him famous in the community and he has now earned legendary hero status. His nickname is chosen randomly unlike Sid Meier.


First name: N/A

Nickname: Beaglerush

Last name: N/A

Unlike the first two heroes, to select this hero you must assign him only his nickname, the first name and last name are not important. Beaglerush is a famous youtuber from the XCOM scene.

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