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Obtain the silver gloves:

Start by beating Matt the Champion, then hold "1" at the warning screen before a fight.

Written by the 25/02/2007


Playing with a blue tennis court:

Hold the "2" key during the warning screen.

Written by the 25/02/2007


Playing without on-screen prompts:

During the route selection screen, hold down the "2" key before validating.

Written by the 25/02/2007


Change the color of the ball:

Instruction: Perform the following codes at the warning screen.

green bowling ball

Hold "down arrow" down.

golden bowling ball

Hold "right arrow" down.

Blue Bowling Ball

Hold "down arrow" down.

pink bowling ball

Hold "Left Arrow" down.

Lay down 91 pins / "Power" training mode :

In the last level of "Power" training mode, aim for one of the rails on the sides and make sure the ball doesn't fall until it reaches the bottom of the track. If all goes well, the ultimate strike will be guaranteed...

scare the spectators :

Even if some will have managed to perform this trick without even doing it on purpose (ahem...), release the trigger B of the wimote when you swing your arm backwards. Fear and cold sweat in the back...

Diamond Bowling Ball:

To be able to play it with an all-diamond ball, you just need to reach the pro level in the game of Bowling.

Written by the 25/02/2007
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