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After obtaining 999 energy in all areas, go to the 5F Spacetime Rift and go to the very north of the area to find a barrier behind which there is a mysterious tree (picture1). Open it with your energy and chat inside with Whis (picture2). This one will explain to you that a mysterious sleepwalker is disturbing the fault (pictures3and4).

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1 picture

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Get out of the area and do some fighting (picture5), you will then see a blue dot at the top of the statue of Mr. Satan near the tournament arena. Go to the very top of the statue and interact with the sleepwalker to realize that it is actually Beerus! (picture6) The God of Destruction, he will then launch the fight against your team.

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5 picture

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For this fight we advise you to have a team of at least level 90 in order to take the damage from Beerus. Then use your zone and recoil attacks as a priority to get Beerus out of the ring (picture7). Once the fight is over, you will get energy and the ā€œNot my cup of teaā€ mission will be available to you (picture8).

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