Where to find the Graviton Lance in Destiny 2?

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To obtain the Graviton Lance in Destiny 2, players will need to either obtain Exotic Engrams or purchase the item from Xur. If you're trying to get the Graviton Lance, we recommend checking out Xur first.

Xur is an NPC Merchant in Destiny 2, whose location changes weekly with Friday and Tuesday resets. During the week, players can find and check Xur's inventory at the following locations.

  • The Tower – Hanger
  • Nessus – Winding Cove
  • EDZ – Observer's Grave

Xur will sell Exotic Engrams and Exotic Weapons like the Graviton Lance. If Xur is currently selling the Graviton Lance, players will need to acquire it for 29 Legendary Shards.

Players can obtain Legendary Shards by dismantling Legendary items they no longer want, and dismantling a Legendary will net players a total of three Shards.

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However, if Xur does not sell the Exotic Graviton Lance, players will have to go for the Exotic Engram route. Exotic Engrams will reward players with various Exotic items such as weapons like Graviton Lance and random armor pieces.

Players can obtain Exotic Engrams by completing various activities in Destiny 2. Here is a list of activities that can potentially reward players with an Exotic Engram.

  • crucible matches
  • Patrols
  • Public events
  • Adventures
  • Strikes
  • Raids

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