What is the Weasel Destiny 2 error code?

Error codes are common in Destiny 2, especially around a new content drop or expansion. One such connectivity issue is the Weasel Destiny 2 error code that brings players back to the title screen. Oddly enough, players may encounter this error code for general reasons beyond Bungie's official explanation.

Bungie Explained

On the Bungie Help support page, the developer explains the Weasel error code as a cross-save issue and a ban issue. Here are the explanations below.

Cross-Save: Any player who tries to log into the same account on multiple devices simultaneously will experience Weasel. In other words, don't log into Destiny 2 on PC and then start Destiny 2 on your PlayStation/Xbox with the same account and at the same time. If you try this, the first device that opened Destiny 2 (PC, in our example) will disconnect from the game with the error code Weasel.

Destiny Bans: If for any reason your account is banned, you will be kicked from the game and returned to the title screen with the Weasel Destiny 2 error code displayed.

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Other explanations

It's entirely possible to receive the Weasel Destiny 2 error code separately from Bungie's official explanation. Bungie's late scheduled background maintenance caused an assortment of random errors ranging from the Destiny 2 companion app crashing to the Weasel error. Many players reported this via Twitter in direct response to Bungie's maintenance announcement, seen below.

Destiny 2 background maintenance has begun. No downtime is expected. Maintenance is scheduled to end at 14:21 p.m. PDT (XNUMX:XNUMX UTC).

Players who see issues should report issues to the help forum: https://t.co/9lcpiG3pif

- Help Bungie (@BungieHelp) May 17, 2021

While Bungie hasn't acknowledged background maintenance as a known error, enough players have complained to warrant it as a potential explanation.

The solution

Assuming you're here due to scheduled background maintenance issues, the only solution is to allow Bungie to complete the maintenance. The game sees a lot of connectivity issues, often unknown to Bungie, during maintenance hours, like the Destiny 2 Weasel error. Your best bet is to check BungieHelp's Twitter account for frequent updates from their end. In this scenario, time is the only answer until Bungie returns Destiny 2 to 100% functionality.

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