What is the Destiny 2 Centipede Error Code?

If you are wondering what is the Centipede error in Destiny 2, it is a network failure error and occurs when players fail to connect to Destiny 2 servers.

The centipede error can be caused by both client-side issues and broader server issues. For this reason, if you want to fix the error, the first step is to visit a website called downdetector.

You can also check all social media for the game as an additional place to check for server issues. We recommend checking out the official Bungie Help Account as a first step.

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But overall, checking downdetector is a good idea and your best bet. This is mainly because checking downdetector would save time to determine Centipede error caused by server issue.

That said, check the downdetector site and for a status on whether the server is currently down. If you find that the servers are indeed down, all you can do in the meantime is wait.

But if the servers aren't down, you can still try the following steps to try and fix the errors affecting your game.

  • Restart your system
  • Update your game
  • Reinstall the game (nuclear option)
  • Restarting your router
  • Change your network to open or type 1 status

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