We must save the coward!

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After defeating the Aknosom, you will unlock the level 3 quests (★★★). The Great Wroggi is a big monster that you can easily face and whose patterns will be very easy to learn (picture1).

Before initiating the fight, we advise you to complete the quest "Replenishment" to get new ingredients in the canteen (picture2) as well as resources that will allow you to craft bone or alloy armor according to your preferences (picture3).

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The Great Wroggi is sensitive to ice attacks on the head (picture4). In fact, if you can, we advise you to craft an elemental weapon using Lagombi materials (pictures5and6) even if, once again, everything will depend on the weapon you use and your way of playing. Before picking up your quest, don't forget to equip yourself with one or more useful antidotes against the venom of this great monster.

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Video of the fight against the Great Wroggi:

Take your quest and go to the base camp located southwest of the Flooded Forest, then walk to the question mark to find the Great Wroggi (picture7). As announced above, its attack patterns will be extremely basic whether it's its forward charge or its cloud of poison projected in a straight line. Regarding its charge, you can roll to the side when you see the Great Wroggi turn its back on you (pictures8and9).

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Regarding its toxic cloud, never stay in front of the big bug (picture10) while remaining vigilant since the poisonous gas will stagnate for a few seconds on the battlefield, forcing you to go around it during the fight (picture11). After a successful dodge, focus on his head (picture12). Suffice to say that with his advice, the fight should not drag on if you have a weapon of rarity 2 with an ice element.

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Information: Recurringly, the Great Wroggi will scream to summon Wroggi (picture28). Kill all the Wroggi in the area before facing the Great Wroggi as it is essential for you to have only one enemy in your line of sight.

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