Valheim: How to get the fishing rod?

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The fishing rod can be particularly useful in Valheim. If you don't know how to unlock it, we explain how to do it. In Valheim, players will be able to unlock many elements through the crafts they discover as they progress through their adventure. The more you explore the world, the more you will discover new resources, which will allow you to create new objects, for your base or for your survival. Unfortunately for us, the fishing rod cannot be crafted by us in Valheim, at the time of this writing.

How to get the fishing rod in Valheim?

If it can't be crafted, how do you get it? Simply by going to Haldor, our good old merchant. The latter will be able to buy you some of your most precious objects, in exchange for Piastres, but he also offers you some significant items for the rest of your survival. In addition to the belt that allows you to increase your character's storage capacity, you can buy other items from him, including the fishing rod.

You don't have to have collected a nice fortune, since it is sold in exchange for 350 Piastres, which is a quite reasonable price. Note that it is imperative to buy bait to use it and that a cast, whether successful or unsuccessful, will cost you two. We therefore advise you to make a small stock.

Thanks to that fishing rod, you will be able to harvest fish and therefore increase your cooking recipes, knowing that fish dishes give you many points for the hunger gauge.

Finally, note that it is possible that Iron Gate will introduce, in the coming months, other models of fishing rods, to craft yourself, this time. If you want more information about Valheim or join an active community to share pleasant moments with other players.
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