Valheim: How to explore the snowy mountain without freezing?

It is particularly difficult to venture into the mountains, since the cold will inflict heavy damage on you. We explain how to do it. The biome of the snowy mountain is found quite easily, but it cannot be explored right away, since if we go there without protection we lose life very quickly by freezing, at least one point per second. But if Iron Gate introduced this biome and its riches, it is because it is indeed explorable, of course. However, you will have to wait and above all explore and craft to be able to discover the extent of this snowy world.

How to explore the snowy mountain without freezing in Valheim?

We've all ventured up the mountain before realizing it was too cold to stay there. Be aware though that it is quite easy to get there when we can beat that cold. To do this, you will first of all have to find honey and create a cauldron as well as a fermenter (quite easy to craft once you have bronze), which must be sheltered, otherwise its contents will not ferment. Once all the objects have been created, you will have to go to the cauldron with:
  • 10 units of honey
  • 5 of thistle
  • 2 blood bags (obtainable in the swamp biome)
  • an eye of Dwarven

Thanks to all this, you will be able to create mead that will make you resist the cold (all of this provides six mead units of cold resistance). We advise you to create several when you go exploring the snowy mountain, so as not to be caught off guard. You should know that thecold resistance effect lasts ten minutes.

Do not hesitate to take food, especially meat, to avoid starving along the way, especially since the wolves will be merciless with you.

In this biome, you will be able to get your hands on Obsidian, among other things, which will allow you to improve your workbench to level 5. The snowy mountain biome is therefore very important for the evolution of your adventure. If you want more information about Valheim or join an active community to share pleasant moments with other players.
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