Valheim: How to destroy useless objects/items?

Over time, you will accumulate countless resources and items in Valheim, which will take up your space. We explain how to get rid of it. Valheim being a game where manufacturing predominates, you have to farm resources and collect countless materials. However, over time, you'll soon find that some things are easier to pick up than they are to use. As a result, your chests could very quickly be occupied by objects or items that you don't use or use very little, which will become annoying after a while.

Destroy useless objects and items in Valheim

At the time of writing these lines, Iron Gate, in charge of development, has not yet implemented a button to destroy an item, or a machine that would allow us to get rid of what we do not use. However, there are several alternatives, more or less interesting.

The first, simplest and easiest: go to a water point and get rid of anything you don't use. After two days in game, these resources will disappear permanently.

However, if your base is not near a water source, you can bet on the luck of run into a merchant in the Dark Forest and resell your useless trinkets. Also be aware that merchants are located at fixed points on your map and are identifiable by money bags on the map. This second and last option is however slower than the first. It is nevertheless a method to get a few gold coins without great difficulty (if you have a merchant near your base). If you want more information about Valheim or join an active community to share pleasant moments with other players.
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