Valheim: Comfort, detail and operation

Comfort matters in Valheim. The higher it is, the more you can profit from it. However, it is sometimes complicated to know how to increase it. In addition to the many crafts to make your life easier in Valheim, you can count on the comforts, which should absolutely not be overlooked. This is displayed at the top right of your screen, but it's not clear what it's really for, or how we can increase it. 

How to increase comfort in Valheim?

During your first hours of play, you will see that the comforts only lasts a few minutes, then over time it will last a bit longer. This is not due to chance, since certain elements clearly play on it. As you may have guessed, it's all about you. Indeed, the level of comfort is determined by your house at first, and some elements that compose it. 

Contrary to what we might think, a house consisting of a bed and a campfire is not enough in Valheim, you will have to decorate it. Some furniture and other accessories will actually allow you toimprove your comfort and therefore the related bonuses. Currently, the maximum level is 17, which you can reach by building all of these items (having a roof grants you +1):
  • Banner (+1)
  • Bed (+1)
  • Bank (+1)
  • Chair (+2)
  • Table (+1)
  • Campfire or brazier (lit) (+1 and +2)
  • Dragon bed (which will replace your bed) (+2)
  • Hanging Brazier (+1)
  • A throne (+2) 
  • A lox rug (+1)
  • A wolf rug (+1)
  • A deer rug (+1)
Note that it is not possible to combine these bonuses. That is to say that if you have three chairs, you will not have +6, but rather +2. Of course, not all items can be built right away. You are going to have to explore the world to discover some resources needed to craft them.

Now comes the question of “Why increase your comfort? ". Just because the higher your comfort, the longer your “Fit” time will last, the maximum being 24 minutes, the equivalent of one night. When you're healthy, your life and stamina regenerate faster, ideal when you want to go to more dangerous biomes, such as swamps and plains, or go exploring. 

We therefore advise you to have a high level of comfort and to go to your house for a few moments before leaving, in order to be fully charged. If you want more information about Valheim or join an active community to share pleasant moments with other players.
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