Valheim: Capture & Tame Boars

In Valheim, it is possible to tame boars and breed them. However, the task is not the easiest. If you want to raise some, we explain the procedure to follow. There are many possibilities for our survival in Valheim. Among them, we find for example the breeding of animals, which is not so simple at the beginning, but once the machine is launched, it will be of great help to you and will save you precious time. .

Capture and tame a boar

During your walks through the meadows, you may come across a runestone that explains how to make these boars your new companions. However, the explanation is not very easy to understand and the method may not be the fastest and most efficient.

If you want raise wild boar, we advise you, beforehand, to prepare an enclosure in your base or close to it, which will accommodate these boars. Then go looking for those animals and make them notice you and follow you to the enclosure and enter it. Once one or more specimens inside, you just have to close it. We advise you to be at least two to carry out the operation.

Then comes the longest moment, that of taming. You will have to feed your boars with raspberries, carrots or even mushrooms, so that they get used to their new life. You will be able to follow the evolution by approaching the boar, a percentage will appear, the goal being that it is at 100%. Avoid scaring the boar so that its adaptation is faster. Once 100% is reached, the boar is domesticated and can be stroked and will no longer be afraid of you.

Reproduction of wild boars

Obviously, the goal is not to have only one boar, but several to reproduce them. To do this, you will have to reserve a large enough enclosure for them (you can push a boar from one enclosure to another quite easily). Also be careful not to overload these enclosures too much, a few wild boars are enough to have a breeding, between four and five.

Nevertheless, even if it could save you time if you have several enclosures, the breeding of boar is not the most interesting, since only its meat is really an essential element. Leather is rarely used. If you want more information about Valheim or join an active community to share pleasant moments with other players.
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