Valheim: Agriculture, how to plant its seeds?

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To be able to cook meals that are as good as they are beneficial to your health, you will have to cultivate several seeds in Valheim. Find all the information to optimize your fields and your harvests. As you probably noticed, in Valheim the possibilities are many and some are widely encouraged for your survival. Agriculture is one of them, since thanks to it and to future harvests, you will be able, in particular, to cook good meals, which are much more interesting than eating food as it is.

Agriculture in Valheim

To can plant and collect seeds, you will necessarily have to recover a cultivator, a tool allowing you to ensure that the land is cultivable. The latter can be obtained after a few hours of play, after having discovered how to have bronze and find robust wood (in the black forest, by cutting down pines). You will obviously need a forge to craft it.

Once the tool is in hand, all you have to do is find land. Whether temporary or permanent, you can make your field wherever you want, with any size, it has no influence on the yield.

When you find the place, grab yourself a cultivator and cultivate the land. Next, you will be able to plant the seeds, be it carrots, turnips or barley, all seeds (even those for trees) should be planted in the same way. Be careful though, it is strongly encouraged to space your seeds, otherwise your plants may not grow. You will notice this very quickly, since the food can be harvested after two or even three days.

If the seeds can be planted, you can also plant the food. Only you will get seeds here. A good way to manage the stock, so you don't run out of vegetables, which can be used in the cauldron to create soups or various other things, filling your hunger bar further.

Agriculture is not an element to be neglected, since you will save time and will not have to go in search of food when you have no more. If you want more information about Valheim or join an active community to share pleasant moments with other players.
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