Unlimited life in Candy Crush, how to get it?

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Our articles on Candy Crush Unlimited life in Candy Crush, how to get it? Find out how to get unlimited life in Candy Crush!

If you play Candy Crush, you probably know that once you have lost your 5 lives, you have to wait a certain time before you can recover them, and move forward in your game. This operation can be quite frustrating, especially for a game as addictive as Candy Crush. We therefore give you a tip to circumvent this problem and have unlimited life, so you can enjoy your game as much as you want!

Get unlimited life in Candy Crush

In Candy Crush, you only have 5 lives to advance through the levels. These lives can be wasted very quickly if you are in difficult levels, and it can make your games frustrating, as you have to wait for a while before you can recover them.

To counter this, a trick exists allowing to get unlimited life ! You have to play on smartphone, Android or iOS. The principle is simple: make your phone believe that the time to recover these lives has arrived, and for that, you just need advance the date or time of your phone ! Once the date is advanced, you will then have recovered your 5 lives.

To to bring forward the date on the fact iOS et Android :

  • Use your 5 lives
  • See you in Parameters
  • Select General
  • Then go to Date and hour
  • Deactivate time and date automatic
  • Advance the clock at least 3 hours
  • Go back to Candy Crush, wait for the game to open but don't play it
  • Once opened, go put back the correct date and time by reactivating the automatic time and date



You can again play with your 5 lives!

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