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Earn the Silver Crown :
Complete each character's mini-games for them to receive a silver crown afterwards.

Earn the Golden Crown :
Beat all the High Score of each character so that they then receive a gold crown.

win the whistle :
Get the gold crown for each character.

D茅bloquer Monster Megamix :
After completing the game with Wario Man wait for the end of the credits then touch the pink teddy bear that comes out of the taxi.

D茅bloquer Hardcore Mix :
After obtaining 25 points in the Monster Megamix touch the white teddy bear that comes out of the taxi.

D茅bloquer Gnarly Mix :
Get at least 15 points during Hardcore Mix.

Written by the 06/02/2007


Here's how to unlock new characters:

Mona : Win the Wario mini-games.
Jimmy T : Win the Wario mini-games.
Jamie T : Win the jimmy T mini-games.
Ashley : Win the mini-games of Jamie T.
Kat and Ana : Win the mini-games of Jamie T.
Dr. Crygor : Win the mini-games of Jamie T.
James T : Win the mini-games of Dr. crygor, Ashley, Kat and Ana.
9 volts : Win the James T.
Mike : Win the James T.
Warioman : Win the mini-games of Mike and 9 volt.

Written by the 06/02/2007


Additional microgames

Play all micro games to unlock all characters including Wario Man. Then drag the garlic clove onto Wario in the character selection screen to turn him into Wario Man. To transform Wario back, drag the bomb onto Wario Man in the character selection screen.

Mini-games by characters

Earn 30 points with each character to gain access to their mini-games. Then touch the flying saucer in the menu to make them appear.

Additional mini-games

Beat the high score in mini-games that have a High Score.

Unlock the Pyoro T mini-game

Complete all available mini-games for each character. They will then win a silver crown, and you will unlock the Pyoro T mini-game at the same time.

Written by the 06/02/2007
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