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Obtain a pair of Miis at 100% affinity (soulmates)

here is a trick which will allow you to create a Mii couple with a maximum compatibility/affinity, ie 100%.

To be sure to get soulmates in Tomodachi Life, the woman must have the date of birth of August 30, 1190 and the man of December 22, 1190. Both Miis must also have the same character.

Then take a quick look at the compatibility tester side, in affinity test and you will see that your Miis are 100% (soul mates).

Finish by going to the affinity predictions menu and put on your 2 Miis!

The day when there are only suns will be the day when your Miis will declare their love for each other! (thanks to Hermione for this tip).

Written by the 13/02/2017
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