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This trick works on the iPhone and iPad version of theapplication The Smurf's Village (The Smurfs).

The Smurf's Village may well be a free application at the base, it is nonetheless paying as soon as the player wishes to level up a little faster than the sporadic rhythm imposed by its developers.

However, here is a trick that will allow you to level up quickly.

Indeed, one of the most widely used methods for earningXP and themoney - and therefore to level up your village - is to grow certain fruits or vegetables and wait for the crops to sprout. Except that the most profitable are often quite long to germinate. The following manipulation will allow you to speed up the time to immediately benefit from the bonuses provided by the crops.

1th step: Plant as many seeds as possible on the squares of land in your possession. We recommend pumpkins (Pumpkin) which allow you to obtain an excellent Gold/XP ratio (48/180).

2th step: Exit the application and enter the settings of your iPad or iPhone. Touch the general tab and select the "Date and time" line.

Uncheck auto-set if the setting is enabled, then select "Set date and time". Advance the clock as many hours as necessary (18 p.m. for pumpkins). Tap the full date to move forward one day if needed. Then exit the application.

Note: If you advance exactly the time it takes for your crops to bloom, an alert may invite you to join the game directly.

3th step: Return to The Smurfs' Village app and wait for the game to update. All your harvests are then instantly available! You just have to redo the manipulation as many times as possible to stock up on gold and XP.

Error message : It is possible, not to say irremediable, that you will have error messages following these cheating manipulations (Bad Device Time).

Exit the game to return to the settings and put the time settings back to "automatic". Then come back to the game so that everything is back to normal. Cheating can continue indefinitely.

Tip tested on version 1.1.2 of the application.

Written by the 20/08/2011
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