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How to Unlock Challenge Missions (Training Mode)?

This Trick taken from our Guide full Star fox zero contains the procedure for Unlock Challenge Missions you fashion Training. To do this you will have to collect a specific number of Gold Medals, the latter being recoverable during missions in Adventure Mode. If you want to know how to proceed to obtain them, you just have to consult the different articles of our Solution. Finally, here is the number of Gold Medals you need to unlock access to the Challenge Missions available in the game.

Walker Challenge => 5 Gold Medals

Gyrowing Challenge => 15 Gold Medals

Landmaster Challenge => 30 Gold Medals

Roadmaster Challenge => 50 Gold Medals


Written by the 02/05/2016

How to Unlock the Hidden Vehicle (Training Mode)?

By consulting this Trick dedicated Star fox zero, you will find theHelp to unlock the Hidden Vehicle who is called the RoadMaster. Even though the base game only includes 3 Vehicles (not counting shape changes), it is possible to drive a 4th Vehicle in Practice Mode. This is a small, extremely fast 6-Wheel Cart that you will need to master to complete its 2 Bonus Missions. The first will become accessible once you have finished Adventure Mode and the second is unlocked after collecting 50 Gold Medals.

Written by the 02/05/2016

How to unlock the Arwing Retro and the Black Arwing?

Even if it is possible to obtain them directly thanks to the Amiibo, this Trick will tell you how to get the Black Arwing and Retro Arwing. If you don't want to spend euros to buy the figurines, it is quite possible to unlock these two Hidden Arwings without having to resort to them. But this will require a lot of skill and talent, because for this you will have to obtain the 70 Gold Medals to be unlocked in the game. Consult our Walkthrough full of Star fox zero available on the site, in order to know how to get your hands on all the Gold Medals.

Written by the 23/04/2016

How to Unlock Music Mode?

To unlock the Music Mode which allows you to listen to the Original Soundtrack, you just have to consult this Trick taken from our Walkthrough de Star fox zero. After completing the Adventure Mode to access the Arcade Mode, you only need to complete the latter to unlock the Music Mode.

Written by the 23/04/2016

How to Unlock Arcade Mode?

If you want to know how to unlock the Mode Arcarde de Star fox zero, you will find all the information in this Trick dedicated to the game. The Arcade mode is not accessible when the software is launched, so you will have to unlock it in order to be able to play this old-fashioned mode. All you have to do is complete the Adventure Mode at least one time.

Written by the 23/04/2016
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