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Menu Extras

To obtain this menu, you will have to complete the adventures of Sonic, Shadow and Silver at 100%. In this new menu you will then have access to the rooms: "Audio & Theater"

Written by the 26/04/2007

Additional Adventure

-Silver: Defeat Silver with Sonic to get Silver's Adventure.

-Shadow: You will need to complete the Crisis City level with Sonic to obtain Shadow's adventure.

Once the three adventures are completed you will have access to the Last episode.

Written by the 26/04/2007

New Characters

Here's how to get a few new characters for Freemode:

-Amy Rose : You will need to get the ranking "S" in all of Soleanna's missions.

-Blaze the Cat : You will need to complete all of Soleanna's missions.

-E-123 Omega: You will need to get the ranking "S" in all GUN Commander missions.

-Knuckles:} } Achieve "S" rank in all Town Stage missions.

-Tails : You will need to complete all Town Stage missions.

-Rouge the Bat : Successfully complete all GUN Commander missions.

Written by the 26/04/2007


By finishing the story mode of any character (Sonic, Shadow, or Silver) you will unlock the "Audio Room and the Theater Room" as explained above. You will therefore have access to the theme of each character in the Audio Room once you have completed their adventures.

By ending the last episode, you will have the opportunity to listen to Elise's theme again.

Written by the 26/04/2007
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